The Most dreamed Customer Electronics in 2021

The Most Dreamed Customer Electronics In 2021

"I have a Dream. My dream is that I am surrounded by all kinds of electronic gadgets, and they are all owned by me. What a wonderful dream (a little bit strange, I know!)"

I need them all because my schedule is so much easier when they are around to help. I can also keep track of my physical fitness and also the safety of my home and pets. Now, what are the most desired customer electronics in Los Angeles for 2021? I would like them all, this techie me! Help me find them!

1) Amazon Echo - It's like my own personal secretary or aide but an electronic one! It sounds out the state of the weather, the latest news, updates on your favorite sports, and also entertains me with vocal games. 2) Smart Garage Controller - Several times, it happens that I forget to close the garage door. But what the heck, this electronic device is expected to be compatible with the latest garage door systems! I don't have to go out of the house to check if my garage door is open. I can do it remotely.

3) Smart Doorbell and Cam in One - It might look like a friendly doorbell at my front door, but in reality, it added another function - a security camera! A 2 in 1 electronic device that lets me avoid intrusion by unwelcome guests. 4) Fitness Watch - In Top 10 the most desired electronics, almost always this is one of the most wanted. I am a fitness buff, and I want to know how many calories I have burned off or if my blood pressure or pulse rate is too high. Helps inform me to slow down or accelerate my energy level depending on what I need.

5) Vinyl record Turntable - A combination of the vintage and the latest technology. Vinyl records and their relatively better acoustic quality make a comeback, and I can relax while listening to my favorite songs. 6) Home Theater Projector - I am not content with my Smart TV size, and I want to watch my videos in the most panoramic media possible. I want to get this device and enjoy larger than life visuals in my home.

7) Solar Charger - I like to save on electricity and at the same do my bit for the environment. I want to get this solar charger for my smartphone and just leave it somewhere to reach the sun's rays. My other electronic gadgets are also compatible with this device for charging. 8) Smart Door Lock - I can program it to lock whenever I want. I can also get alerts and make temporary passwords to allow some people to enter my door.

9) Robot Vacuum - It just goes around the floor by itself, locating dirt and sucking it up. When it is about to lose power, it's so smart that it returns by itself to its charger for a recharge. 10) Automatic Pet Feeder - I always worry about my pets not eating, especially if I'm away from home. This innovative idea takes care of that problem by dispensing pet food on the dot, whatever schedule I program it on.

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