Dream to learn Survival Skills?

Dream To Learn Survival Skills?

"What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of nowhere with only the clothes on the back? A vast majority of people wouldn't have a clue where to start. For a long time, I was one of them."

But I wanted to change. I dreamed of learning the necessary skills so that no matter what wilderness situation I found myself in, I could survive and thrive. That dream led me to seek out schools that specialize in teaching survival training. And now, I'll share that knowledge with you. If you're like I was once and want to improve for the better, read on to learn the top dream places to train survival skills.

Los Angeles and California have a lot of places to learn wilderness skills. Here are the top five: 1) Adventure Out - San Francisco, CA - Take advantage of advanced skills workshops like bow and arrow making. 2) Survival Training School of California — Tehachapi, CA, Participate in a 7-day course led by experienced instructor Thomas Coyne.

3) Lifesong Wilderness Adventures — Mt. Shasta, CA, Make your training a family activity, with a course catered to adults and teens. 4) California Survival School — Los Angeles, CA, Learn life-saving hunting and foraging techniques to live off the land. 5) Bush Survival Training — San Diego, CA - Expert Joel van der Loon offers a comprehensive African hunter-gatherer course.

“I dreamed of learning the necessary skills so that no matter what wilderness situation I found myself in, I could survive and thrive.”

If you're open to traveling for your survival training, check out the top five places in the world: 1) Aboriginal Living Skills School — Arizona, USA - Located in northern Arizona, this school teaches wilderness techniques for winter and desert conditions. 2) Advanced Survival Training — Virginia. USA - Enjoy up to five days of wilderness education, including subjects like disaster medicine and bushcraft.

3) Bushmasters’ Jungle Survival — Guyana, South America - Receive hands-on education deep in the Amazon jungles. 4) Sigma 3 Arctic Isolation — The Arctic - Learn how to survive in some of the most severe conditions on Earth. 5) Karamat Wilderness Ways — Alberta, Canada - Pick up skills like storing clean water, creating a shelter, and tending to a fire.

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