Dream to have a helicopter, and top 5 helicopters in 2021

Dream To Have A Helicopter, And Top 5 Helicopters In 2021

"I'll do anything to attain my dream to have a helicopter. I have only one life to live, and I should be flying in any one of these beauties anytime soon."

I have a Dream to have a Helicopter. Not just any aircraft, but specifically a helicopter. I want to have flexibility in flying, like a bird. An airplane is too stiff, but a helicopter can go around mountains and buildings, and it can land anywhere vertically. That is my Dream. What are the helicopters that are the best for me? What are the top 5 helicopters in 2021?

1) ROBINSON R-22. I will just be beginning to learn to fly a helicopter. I need a lightweight and responsive flying machine that could be considered economical. I could buy brand new or pre-owned, but what's important is it can take me up to the sky safely and down to the ground again. Since I'm just beginning, they say the R-22 is a good training helicopter for newbies. It's a 2 seater with good reactive properties for flight navigation. It's the most affordable at $250,000 brand new.

2) AND 3) ROBINSON R-44 RAVEN I AND II. I must say I am smitten by these 2 lovely helicopters. They are very popular with flying enthusiasts. When you don't think about price, they are the best flying machines for every square foot. Both have 4 seats and are heavier than the R-22. This slight heaviness makes them fly through wind gusts and strong air more reliably. In case of engine failure, they have the active auto-rotation feature, which makes them land safely. Raven I sets me back $340,000 while Raven II costs $415,000.

4) BELL B206 JETRANGER. It's a 5 seater that has gained popularity with the military and also with civilians. Yes, I like it too. It has both a 2 blade main rotor and a 2 blade tail rotor. This helicopter model has made me confused because I like it as much as the Robinson helicopters. It's larger than the R-44, and it's mine for $700,000.

5) EUROCOPTER EC120 COLIBRI HUMMINGBIRD. I should not be thinking about the cost because it's my dream to fly, and I should have the best. One of the most expensive helicopters is this beauty. It's very quiet and comfortable. It can take 5 passengers, has a single-engine and rotor, and just purely humming. So quiet. What's nice is the safety features like crash-resistant technology with both the seats and the fuel system. My oh my, it costs $1,700,000!

I'll do anything to attain my dream to have a helicopter. I have only one life to live, and I should be flying in any one of these beauties anytime soon. It's such a marvelous dream to be up there in the skies!

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