Dream to Fly to Space? - Yes I do!

Dream To Fly To Space? - Yes I Do!

"If your precious dream is to become an astronaut, but you don't want to sink countless hours studying for it, space travel and tourism are a fast and easy option that can get you there much faster."

Dreaming is the very core of human beings: it binds all of us together because everybody dreams of a better future. We all envision how the future could be, the best version of ourselves, and we dream about it in hopes of getting there. No dream is unimportant: the small ones like owning a small, beautiful, calm house in the countryside are as crucial and meaningful to the person that dreams of it as is becoming a rockstar or an astronaut to somebody else.

Dream to Fly to Space? Here you have a small Review of Space Tourism Providers Worldwide: Virgin Galactic: Perhaps the most famous and well-known enterprise when it comes to space tourism, Virgin has been operating since 2004. They put their first plane in outer space in 2018. This company allows you to hop on a plane that will coast through suborbital space. They are testing stipulated flights into outer space. Still, it doesn't come without its issues: a long waiting list and a fee of 200,000$ are what you will have to deal with if you want to become an astronaut.

SpaceX: The very popular SpaceX, created by founder Elon Musk in 2017, is skyrocketing in popularity thanks to their extraordinary, insane gimmicks like sending a car to space. SpaceX looks forward to offering suborbital trips and trips that fly outside the Earth's atmosphere and, eventually, trips to the moon and Mars. In 2018, they offered a trip around the moon on an inaugural tourism mission. Still, they had issues with the plane and have since postponed it, falling behind schedule on their space tourism missions. SpaceX has not published anything about its schedule, pricing, or rulebook regarding space tourism and lunar trips. Still, they are one of the most promising enterprises when it comes to the area. They are making great strides to bring otherworldly tourism to the general public.

These are only two of the most popular companies. Still, other smaller yet promising businesses like Blue Origin or Orion Span are also putting all their means forward to outer space tourism and exploration: look them up if you want to learn more about their mission!

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